The Ray Mears Citizen Promaster Tough

The Ray Mears Citizen Promaster Tough



Citizen introduced the Ray Mears Promaster Tough series in 1989.

The Ray Mears Promaster Tough series included watches in the categories of Land, Marine, and Sky. One slogan they used to describe these was: “Citizen Promaster watches are the ultimate choice for professionals and serious enthusiasts. Venture beyond experience”.

The symbol chosen for the Promaster series is shown above, and is very similar to the pheon used to mark British military equipment.

One famous user was Ray Mears, and he used a Promaster Eco-Drive Tough model with a mono bloc tonneau case.

This article deals with the type of watch which he wore with a similar dial and a mono bloc tonneau case, introduced in 1999 and ceasing production in about 2007.

Other rear entry and mono bloc tonneau case Promaster watches exist with varying dials , but are not covered in this article.



Ray Mears Citizen


The technical platform that made the Eco-Drive possible was the caliber 7878 movement. This movement was the first light-powered movement with the solar cells mounted under the dial.

Previous light-powered watches from Citizen and other manufacturers had the solar cell(s) mounted directly on the dial. The under dial innovation was enabled by marked improvements in thin-film solar cells, which, by the early 1990s had become significantly more efficient. By locating a sufficiently translucent dial material over the now more efficient solar cells, enough light could pass through the dial face to power the movement.  Although the Eco-Drive caliber 7878 movement solar cells remained slightly visible through the dial, the physical styling of the light-powered watch was no longer constrained by visible solar cells.


To store electrical energy the first Eco-Drive movements employed titanium lithium-ion rechargeable or secondary batteries. This battery type became available in the early 1990s, enabling an Eco-Drive 7878 movement to run 180 days on secondary power before requiring recharging via light exposure – a marked improvement in energy storage over previous light-powered watches. The movement also featured an “insufficient recharging” indicator. The accuracy of the quartz movement was stated as within ± 20 seconds per month at a normal temperature range.


eco drive

If deprived of light for an extended amount of time, some later models could hibernate, and the hands of the watch stop moving, while the internal quartz movement continues to track the time accurately. When eventually exposed to light, the hands will then move to the correct position and resume timekeeping as usual. Thus, if you leave your watch in a drawer say for 4 months, then take it out and expose it to light, it will show the correct time immediately.

According to reports from Citizen Watches, experiments have revealed that the solar cells and secondary battery used in Eco-Drive watches will last for up to 10 years. They further state that the lubricants used in constructing these watches are built to assist with longevity, as the oil will not harden or evaporate, even over 20 years.


Some users may disagree with this.


Ray MearsThe 1999 Citizen catalogue shows the initial models in what has become known as the Ray Mears Promaster Tough series.

The two smaller models are PMU56-2481 and PMU56-2485, selling for 33,000 yen and 36,000 yen respectively.

This article will deal with these first.

7878 – H16714 TA OR PMU56-2481

This watch is a black dial version, with a small diameter, featuring the Caliber 7878 movement.

This is the JDM version with the Promaster symbol at the top beneath Citizen, and Eco-Drive in italics at bottom.

It features a solid one-piece Duratect titanium mono bloc case, extra-thick sapphire crystal, is antimagnetic, shockproof and 200m waterproof.

Duratect is a process where the surface is hardened, to protect the watch body from small scratches.

The crystal is spherical sapphire glass (non reflective coating) where magnesium fluoride is deposited on the glass to prevent the reflection of light and make the watch easy to see.

Case diameter is 38mm including crown, with a length of 40mm lug to lug (tip to tip of lugs), and 10mm thick with strap width 18mm

It came on a kevlar strap with all titanium hardware.

The dial features a triangle at 12, rectangular indices at 6 and 9, a date window at 3, and thick lumed numerals elsewhere.

Below on a replacement NATO strap.

small ray mears

The image below shows the original kevlar strap.

Citizen 7878-H16714TA

At 6 the dial reads Eco-Drive, WATER 20 bar RESIST, TITANIUM.

The case back is slightly lipped at the edge.

The text on the rear of the case reads:

Eco-Drive,  CITIZEN WATER RESIST, (model number), ANTIMAG. 16000, TITANIUM, 7878-H16714 TA, GN-4W-UL  JAPAN

7878-16714 citizen back

Below is an image of the luminous properties of the watch, with the second hand “bulb” showing, rather than the pointer.

7878 luminosity

A blue dial version was also available.


 7878-H21882 TA OR PMU56-2485

The more expensive model of the small series was the Yellowstone National Park series watch, again with Caliber 7878 Eco-Drive.


Here is the advertisement with both model numbers shown.

It came on a yellow kevlar strap with all titanium hardware, a yellow sweep second hand, and the dial marked with the Promaster symbol, Yellowstone National Park (in yellow) , WR 20 bar at 6 o’clock.

PMU56-2485 citizen

This is the case back of this model, engraved with Yellowstone National Park, and an image of the mountain and a bison.

PMU56-2485 back case


7878-H30351 TA  OR PMU56-2487

This is the Calibre 7878 Citizen Promaster “Tough” Ecodrive, special Mt.Cook/Aoraki Commemorative edition, (case marking: (7878-H30351 TA)). Titanium case, blue face, blue leather strap, domed sapphire crystal.  Mid-size 34mm diameter not including crown.

PMU 56-2487 citizen mt cook

Case back engraved with Aoraki, Mount Cook.


PMU 56-2487

7828-H09971 TA OR PMU56-7371 AND PMU56-7376

This was also model PMU56-7371 on a kevlar band and PMU56-7376 on a titanium bracelet, as seen in the 1999 advertisement above.   The caliber was now the bigger 7828 Eco-Drive, and the watch was bigger.

PMU56 advert

We have seen above that the bigger PMU56-2371 sold for 33,00 yen.   The titanium bracelet version, PMU56-2376 sold for 50,000 yen.

The kevlar strap versions had a plate on which personal data could be engraved.  After purchase, if you sent the necessary information on the enclosed application postcard, you received a titanium band engraved with ‘name’, ‘nationality’, ‘blood type’ and ‘date of birth’

PMU56-2377 and PMU56-2487 in the above image under personal data refer to the Mount Cook version.

Ray Mears Promaster Tough has given his name to the 7828-H09971TA, it being seen as he wore it often in his outdoor TV shows, as it was a titanium cased, bombproof, rugged, outdoor, watch.   It was labelled Promaster, Tough.

PMU56-2373 Citizen

The dial is identical to the smaller version, but green dial versions existed.

The watch has a Duratect titanium mono bloc case (no case back, the movement is front loaded). Duratect is 4 times harder than untreated titanium. Dimensions are 40mm diameter, 11mm thick, 20mm lugs. The crystal is a domed sapphire with anti-reflection material on the inside. The crown is screw-down and the watch is rated to 200m. Lugs are recessed slightly under the bezel which means many straps fit with minimal gap – it comes on a canvas strap.

citizen 7828-H09971 TA green dial

The green dial model is shown above.

The titanium bracelet model came at 50,000 yen.

raymears bracelet


The text on the rear of the case is:


The caseback shows the model number, and that the watch has with the early 7828 Eco Drive movement,  The code GN-4W-UL means monobloc case, upper opening, L-shaped gasket.  The early movements have a 6 month reserve and none of the features of later movements such as parking the second hand to conserve power in the dark, and a perpetual calendar.

7828-h09971 TA citizen

Later versions were referred to as PMU56-2373 ,  AP0600-01E with the Promaster symbol moved from 12 to 6, and fewer words on the dial.  The case back remained the same.


Promaster Tough


Now the Promaster symbol is at 6 o’clock and beneath is simply, WR 200  TITANIUM



Below is a blue dial version of the AP0600-01E

blue PMU56-2373: Ray Mears Promaster Tough

The screw down crown was knurled and not marked with the Promaster symbol.

Ray mears crown

The kevlar strap versions had a plate on which personal data could be engraved.


7828-H21963TA OR PMU56-2375

Yellowstone National Park commemorative model, on yellow strap.


7828 - H21963 TA: Ray Mears Promaster Tough

Yellow second hand.

7828-H21963TA: Ray Mears Promaster Tough

7828 - H21963: Ray Mears Promaster Tough

7828-H21963: Ray Mears Promaster Tough


7828 H30369 TA OR PMU 56-2377 

Aoraki or Mount Cook commemorative edition also with the bigger Caliber 7878.

Blue leather strap, but sometimes seen on a titanium bracelet.

7828-H30369: Ray Mears Promaster Tough

7828-H30369 back

7828  H09980 TA

A black (PVD) model marked base titanium on the case back.  This had either a kevlar strap, or a black titanium bracelet.

7828-H09980 TA front

Case back, kevlar strap.

7828-H09980 TA back

Black titanium strap.

7828 - H09980 TA black

Or a gold model.

gold model

E766-T000894 OR PMT56-2711 AND PMT56-2713 

PMT56-2711 is the blue dial Perpetual calendar Cal e766  E766-T000894 TA model and PMT56-2713 is the black dial version.   These versions feature the titanium bracelet, and were 41mm in diameter.

PMT56-2712 is the blue dial Perpetual calendar model on a kevlar strap, and PMT56-2714 is the black dial version on a kevlar strap.

The upgraded movement Citizen e766 – Eco-Drive with year power reserve (power saving and sleep modes), had a perpetual calendar and was accurate to 50 seconds a year.  The dial was similar to other  “Ray Mears” dials, except that the rectangles at 6 and 9 were replaced with pointed tapered trapeziums. The lumed numerals were all chrome trimmed.  The second hand had an open bulb with a red pointer.

On this model, the minute hand moves every 15 seconds which is another power-saving feature.

It was discontinued in 2004.

e766 ray mears

This watch had :

Crystal: Domed sapphire

Case: 41mm Duratect Titanium (one-piece monocoque construction)

Bracelet: Duratect Titanium (800 vickers on the hardness scale with solid end links, push button with flip over double clasp diver’s extension).

e766 citizen

blue perpetual: Ray Mears Promaster Tough

SPECIFICATIONS1. Caliber No.: E1682. Type: Analog Quartz Watch with 3 Hands3. Accuracy: Within ±15sec/month (within a normal temperature range of 5˚C/41˚F to 35˚C/95˚F)4. Quartz oscillator frequency: 32,768Hz5. IC: C/MOS-LSI (1 pc.)6. Operational temperature range: -10˚C/14˚F to +60˚C/140˚F7. Display features: Time: hour, minute, second Date: date (models with date display)8. Additional features: Insufficient charge warning, Quick start, Overcharge prevention9. Continuous operating time: Approx. 6 months (from full recharge to stop) Approx. 4 days (from two second interval movement to stop)10. Battery: Secondary battery


Black (PVD?) versions were also rmc version: Ray Mears Promaster Tough
black rmc version rear

B876-S081904 OR BJ9140-52E 

The Citizen Royal Marines Commando Super Tough GMT watch is made from ion plated titanium and is fitted with a Citizen Eco-Drive B876 movement. The watch features ultra thick Sapphire glass (2.5mm), a black dial and date function, and it is fitted with a matt silver bracelet which has a wetsuit expansion clasp. The case back is engraved with the Royal Navy Ensign.   The watch  came with a special presentation box in the Regiment colours.rmc gmt: Ray Mears Promaster ToughThe watch is about 42mm diameter excluding the crown with 22mm lugs and the dial is about 31mm.RMC GMT Citizen
The watch and strap are matt silver except for the thin strip on the case back.  The divers extension for the bracelet is shown below.Ray Mears Promaster Tough

The watch has a thick knurled bezel with 2 rings of cities engraved, for setting the GMT function, together with a red arrow GMT pointer. rmc bezel: Ray Mears Promaster Toughrmc luminous


This is a kevlar strap version of the above watch in anthracite kevlar with a titanium plate for engraving.rmc gmt kevlar: Ray Mears Promaster Toughrmc: Ray Mears Promaster Tough